The GHE-Family


The GHE-Family consists of Arrant-light's LED luminaires for greenhouses.
Why go for LED's in greenhouses, you might ask. Here's why:


1. Less Energy. With LEDs you save energy and money. If you have limited power supply you'll be able to get more light out of those W's!
2. More Light. LEDs generate less heat. They can be placed much closer to the plants than other, more traditional lighting options, and by doing so you can multiply the μmols hitting the leaves. With the use of optics you will also have control over the light distribution.
3. Plug And Play. Updating your lighting system is extremely easy: our GHE units are ready for use and all you need to do is plug in!

At the moment we offer two GHE unit models - GHE-150 and GHE-300 - and two LED-options for them.

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